"Old fashioned family values and people that care."

One Stop Mobility is a family owned and operated business. When you call, you get a live person on the other end - not a recording. We care about our local customers and show it by responding to your needs effectively. We provide an array of services to both individuals and families looking to bring freedom to those that need mobility assistance. If you are located in Arizona, please feel free to stop by and visit our office where you can try out our equipment before you rent or buy.

If you would like to purchase some mobility products and need help with deciding on which products or brands to go with give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you. There are a lot of brands out there and not all brands are created equal and being that we also specialize in repair of medical mobility devices we know which ones hold up when it comes to getting you around. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a product that continually has issues where you would get stuck and need assistance or aid. There are so many brands, make, and models that its hard to keep everything up to date for our family owned business where we care more about the personal touch but you can visit our 'BUY' page to see more on what we sell.

Arizona is a beautiful state to visit and there are many travelers that come here not only for short periods of time but even for the full winter months. We rent all kinds of medical mobility devices such as electric scooters, wheelchairs, power wheelchairs known as powerchairs or electric wheelchairs, lift chairs, and knee walkers also known as knee caddy's or knee rollers. Visit our popular 'RENTALS' webpage for further details about our rental process and how to book.

One Stop Mobility specializes in the repair of mobility equipment. Wheelchair repairs, electric scooter repair, and other mobility repairs are our middle name. There are a lot of companies that sell mobility products without offering any type of repair service should it ever need maintenance. We've had customers get upset with other companies that have had their mobility equipment for months and still not fix it. We on the hand know that getting your mobility equipment repaired is vital to someone that requires a mobility device, so we do our utmost to get you in and out of our shop to continue on with your freedom. We don't mess around! See our 'REPAIR' section to learn more about our wheelchair and scooter repair process.

There are literally millions of mobility equipment parts out there. You have the manufacturer, the model, and within each model there are sub-models. In addition, models are changed every 3-5 years to keep up with the current standards and insurance requirements. We sell parts for all brands whether you purchased your equipment from another company or directly from us: One Stop Mobility. We sell parts for all of the equipment we sell including Pride Mobility scooter parts, Invacare wheelchair parts, Golden Tech electric scooter & lift chair parts, and pretty much all other mobility manufacturers as well. One Stop Mobility can help you locate new parts & sometimes even used parts that we have and some of our locations. See our 'PARTS' section to learn more details..

Attending a local convention in Phoenix, Tucson, or any other parts of Arizona? Let us accommodate your needs. With the largest rental selection of scooter and wheelchair equipment in Phoenix and in the entire state we are bound to be able to fulfill your requirements as well as have the best customer service professionally trained friendly staff at your event to provide mobility equipment to your attendees. See our 'CONVENTIONS' section for more details.

Some people travel with their own equipment but it really is taking a chance that the airlines might damage your equipment. If they do we are here to help. If you catch the damages before you leave the airport then you have a high chance that the airlines will fix or even replace your mobility device if its beyond repair. Catch our 'Airline Services' section to get assistance on fixing your damaged equipment or if you'd like we can provide a rental to you while your here to have peace of mind and keep your own equipment at home where it will be free from damage. Check our 'RENTALS' page or see our 'Airline Services' page for more info.

We have a lot of customers that just need to rent a wheelchair and/or scooters for a one time event. Depending on the size of your event we can provide the mobility equipment while you hand our the mobility rentals for your event or we can staff the event as well for an additional fee. All this is detailed in our 'Event Services' webpage.